ADSURE ® Level 4 Security Bags

Level 4 Tamper Evident Bags are manufactured with co-extruded 3-layer clear or opaque film and offers tamper-evident security closure.

Our ADSURE® Level 4 Tamper Evident Bags will protect your valuable from against from all known methods of tamper attacks, such as mechanical, thermal and chemical-based tampering. Any attempt to open and re-seal the bag will immediately display signs of tampering.

  • Tear-proof polythene film, transparent or opaque
  • Multiple Tear-off Receipt (optional)
  • Multiple Barcode and Serial Numbers for Track and Trace
  • Level 4 High Tamper Evident Tape Closure
  • Easy to Use Instructions
  • Write-on Information Panel
  • Strong Wide-in-Set, side weld seal with edge printing on both side
  • Dotted Line at the bottom
  • 100% Recyclable and Environment Friendly Material