security bag

How to secure your cash during cash in transit?

Security bag is a heavy duty free bag , it used to contain high-value product or money or documents or legally sensitive items . Security bags or envelopes can design as : plastic bags, paper bags, or fabric bags.each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

ADSURE® Security Bag 

also call Safe Bags & Security Cash Bag, Tamper Evident Cash Bags .Therefore, They are used to secure cash deposit during cash in transit. ADSURE® Security Bags are very important for Banks, Armored car company , retail chain stores. No one can open it without any evidence.

Each ADSURE® Security Bags will have unique barcode and serial number for track and trace. They are tamper evident. Level 2 and Level 4 will be the common tamper evident level for many banks, CIT Companies, Retail chain stores. However, we can do custom tamper evident level from level 0 to level 5 as your demand. The RFID SECURITY BAG will have the highest tamper evident level.

We can custom your own bag and tamper evident level as your demand!