Tamper Evident Security Bags

Tamper evident bags are ideal for many industries like Banks, CIT Companies,Retail Chain Stores,Airports,Casinos,Forensic and Law Enforcrments and so on.We can produce Custom Security Bags as your demand.

Protect your valuables, ADSURE®, as the first leading Tamper Evident Security Bags manufacturer in China, we are the expert of Security Packaging.

With the latest manufacturing technologies, we provide state-of-the-art Custom Tamper-Evident Closure for Bank Deposit Bags, Coin Deposit Bags, Police Evidence Bags,Airport Duty Free Security Bags(ICAO STEBs), One Side PE One Side Tyvek Security Evidence Bags ,  Personal Property Security Bags, Examination Paper Security Bags,ATM Cash Security Bags, Permeable Security Bags ,RFID Security Bags,Security Lab Specimen Bags, Confidential Documents Security Bags, Security Election Bags.